Songhai Sustainable Agriculture Center, Renewable Energy Internship

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Agriculture in West Africa:

The Songhai Center is a center for training, for production, hands-on activities, research and development of sustainable agricultural practices. The Center remains a non-governmental organization with a mission to fight poverty by transforming subsistence farmers into active producers.

Betsy lived in Porto-Novo, Benin working on various renewable energy projects with graduate students and trainees.

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  • Biochar Unit: Designed a 3D model to be manufactured with local materials, performed testing of various biomass, evaluated performance, and created detailed test plan



  • Biofuels Project: Analyzed the use of jatropha oil in small diesel generators and assisted with data acquisition and particulate testing





  • Biogas Project: methane gas produced from the agricultural waste in the center in an anaerobic digester. Flow measurements and production was monitored for different conditions.
Biogas Burner

Biogas Burner


  • Cookstove Evaluation: evaluated local stoves and fuels with kitchen performance and water boil tests


Hospital Kitchen in Village Outside of Porto-Novo

Hospital Kitchen in Village Outside of Porto-Novo