Laser Sensor for Atmospheric CO2

Senior Design Capstone Project

NASA Laser Sensor for Atmospheric CO2 Measurement

Laser Plasma Diagnostics Laboratory, Colorado State University

Worked with a team of mechanical engineering students to develop an optical sensor capable of measuring carbon dioxide at simulated atmospheric conditions found in the troposphere. The team presented their work at the Colorado Space Grant Symposium.

  • Designed and fabricated system to cool and pressurize cavity

  • Integrated an optical system with atmospheric simulation and sensors

  • Used cavity ring-down spectroscopy to measure CO2  concentrations

  • Created data acquisition system to record optical, temperature and pressure data

    • Laser safety

    • TIG welding

    • Optical Systems

    • Spectroscopy

    • Labview Programming

    • Thermal Analysis in Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks
SolidWorks Concepts of Cavity

SolidWorks Concepts of Cavity